1921 - 1928 Balenciaga Shipyard was founded in 1921 on the shores of the Urola River,  where the conditions for shipbuilding were ideal with the surrounding area of  Zumaia offering a good supply of wood, engine manufacturers (including the  yard's own steam engines) and a prosperous metal works in close proximity.  There was also a strong demand for fishing vessels, so the emergence of the  shipyard was natural.  In the early days the shipyard built mostly fishing vessels, but in 1928 the first  steel hulled fishing vessel, the "Julito", was delivered. With the introduction of  steel as the new ship building material, new markets were explored and other  types of ships were built, including small cargo vessels, pontoons, tugs and  dredgers, first with riveted hulls then using welding techniques.  The 90’s - Present Today, after an ambitious investment program, and still continues in Balenciaga shipyardsteel vessels  are made up to 95 meters between those found tugs, offshore vessels(Stand-by and Rescue, PSV,  ROV Dive Support, anchor handler ...), fishing, cargo,producteros, ferries ... using the latest  technology available.